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niseema in healersathome

Working from home and Self Journeys

Has anyone ever gone through a period where they feel stuck? perhaps you have your own healing practice, but you have a temporary hurdle you need to get through -- like self reflection, inner healing of your own, and you simply cannot do your healing practice for others. I sometimes go through these stages. They usually only last a couple weeks, but this recent experience has been almost 2 months. I've been able to work some of the time, and with committed clients who are faithful to me and know how much I have helped them...in a lot of ways they have be here for me while I've been going through this transition.

I've been a Healer since May of 1996, a Reiki Practitioner since Nov. 1997, a Reiki Master since July of 2001, and a Jin Shin Do and Shiatsu Massage Practitioner since Sept of 2001. Although that is when I started school. However, it is when I devoted my life to being a healer for others. However, sometimes I need to take breaks while I am going through a cleansing period of my own. i have been going through a cleansing lately. May of 2005, many years after I had already been connected to my spiritual path and Spiritual Journey, as well as taken on the role of a Tantrica and Dakini, I was raped...by someone I knew. So, I have only as of recently been able to start the healing on this. I have had difficulty being of service to others, however, my healing practice is my joy and my love and I would never want to give it up. So, instead I take breaks from my practice until I am ready to reawaken back to giving to others. It is my dharma and karma to be of service...in many forms, but it brings me joy.

Has anyone had a period of pain, in their own journey, and had to take a break from their own practice? Do you have a story and how long did you need to take a break for?